Connies Steakhouse & Wine Bar

If you happen to be in Bengaluru and find yourself longing for some English cuisine, I suggest paying a visit to Connies Steakhouse & Wine Bar at Nehru Road, Kammanahalli.

Continental Delight

Whether you have a taste for continental delights or you're just exploring Bangalore's culinary scene, Connies Steakhouse is a fantastic choice for both locals and travelers alike.

King's Pork Sausage Breakfast

This hearty meal featured guava juice, perfectly cooked bacon, salami, pork sausage, unlimited eggs, bread, and coffee or tea.

Penne Alfredo with White Sauce

The Penne Alfredo with White Sauce was a true treat for the taste buds. A velvety white cheesy sauce elevated the classic pasta dish, creating a culinary masterpiece.

Service and Ambience

The staff's friendly service adds a welcoming touch to the already charming ambience, creating the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

Connies Steakhouse Cost

Regarding cost, this restaurant strikes a good balance between quality and affordability, making it a smart choice for those looking for value.

Connies is Open to All

Whether you're an enthusiast of English cuisine or a curious traveler exploring Bangalore's food offerings, Connies Steakhouse is an ideal spot for a great hangout.

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