Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry

The Coromandel Café is on the itinerary of every tourist to Pondicherry. The food here can be pretty expensive for a budget-conscious traveler.

The Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry offers a unique ambiance, delicious food, and a good list of cocktails and mocktails.

During the weekends and holidays, this restaurant is packed with guests, mostly tourists. And the waiting time for the table can be irritating.

If you love bacon, try the "Pink Classic Benedict." The menu describes as an English muffin, bacon, poached eggs, and pink hollandaise.

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Coromandel Cost can be expensive but worth a try; it is about the overall experience.

The kids will love the Chocolate Pancake Stack. It contains chocolate chunks, bananas, jaggery, butter, nuts, and spiced syrup.

We wanted something light and requested Bread and an Omelette, which was not part of their regular menu, but they arranged one for us.

All the foods we ordered at Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry were worth a try. It was an incredible food experience in the most beautiful ambiance.

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