Attention all visitors of Cubbon Park! You are in bad luck if you plan a professional photoshoot or photography session in the park.

Cubbon Park was a popular destination for theme-based photography and videography like pre-wedding, post-wedding, baby showers, etc.

Many Cubbon Park visitors, including advocates practising in the high court, raised concerns over photography and videography disturbing the park's serenity.

The horticulture department has announced that these activities are no longer allowed in the park. However, regular visitors can still take pictures of the beautiful flora and fauna without hassles.

The horticulture department stated the problem was with professionals with big cameras, flashlights and reflectors, which caused inconvenience to the visitors and disturbed the park's ecosystem.

Anybody caught breaking the rules may lose their photography equipment and be fined. Visitors using smartphones and smaller cameras were not questioned at Cubbon Park.

Multiple notice boards have been installed to create awareness about the ban. Let's respect the rules and keep the peace in Cubbon Park.