In the landscape of Bangalore's iconic landmarks, the St. Mary's Basilica Shivajinagar Church stands tall as a testament to the city's vibrant history.

This historical gem has witnessed the evolution of Bangalore and holds a significant place within the heart of Karnataka.

Boasting imposing architecture and a serene ambience, the St. Mary's Basilica Church ranks among the oldest and most distinguished churches in Bangalore.

St. Mary's Basilica Church holds a profound place in the hearts of the faithful. It's a sanctuary where individuals gather to seek solace, find inspiration, and offer their prayers.

Gothic architecture takes centre stage at the St. Mary's Basilica, adorned with graceful arches, intricate ornamental motifs, and captivating stained glass windows.

The highlight of the basilica's calendar is the St. Mary's Feast, a jubilant celebration commemorating the birth of Mother Mary. Drawing a congregation of nearly a million devotees worldwide.

If you're eager to be part of this joyous event, visit St. Mary's Basilica in September. The festivities span an impressive 10 days, culminating in a spectacular chariot procession on the final day.

St. Mary's Basilica in Shivajinagar welcomes all to find solace within its sacred walls. My visit was memorable, finding peace in prayer against a serene weekday backdrop.

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