Tiger 3 Review 

Tiger 3 a 2023 Hindi movie stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, produced by Aditya Chopra.

Tiger 3 Garnered Mixed Reviews

Tiger-3 garners mixed reviews. A mainstream critic notes Salman's stardom, underutilized in a consistent yet entertaining action-packed narrative

Hindustan Times on Tiger-3

HT in its Tiger-3 review stated cashing in on Superstars fandom seems to be becoming Bollywood’s favorite hit formula.

Tiger-3 has more positive aspects

HT acknowledged that Tiger 3 doesn’t let you blink with its over-the-top action, decent performance, mind-boggling twists and gripping screenplay.

Tiger 3 Direction 

HT acknowledged that Director Maneesh Sharma has packed all the elements in a manner that makes for an intriguing watch.

Tiger 3 First Half 

The first half of Tiger 3 may not leave you completely amazed. However, there are plenty of moments that will cheer you without major complaints.

Tiger 3 Second Half 

The pace picks up significantly, featuring top-notch hand-to-hand combat and brilliantly choreographed action sequences that are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Shah Rukh Khan in Tiger 3

Shah Rukh Khan's entry in Tiger 3 is nothing short of spectacular. The highly anticipated cameo surpasses expectations, leaving everyone craving more.

Tiger 3 Comedy

Tiger 3 doesn't just deliver intense action; it also surprises with clever one-liners and comic punches strategically placed in the most serious scenes or amidst fights.

Tiger 3 has Salmans Swag

Salman Khan as a Tiger, exudes the same charisma & swag that  captivated fans over a decade ago in Ek Tha Tiger. His on-screen presence continues to command attention.

Salman Khan's Stamina in Tiger 3

In Tiger 3, Salman showcases impressive stamina, effortlessly handling the demanding action sequence with finesse.

Tiger 3 Budget

Tiger 3 roared at the box office, made on a Rs. 300 crore budget, raking in a staggering Rs. 466.63 crore. Now streaming on Amazon Prime, watch it today.