The Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is an intriguing historical marvel and a sought-after spot for tourists in Bengaluru. Crafted entirely from teak wood, this summer palace carries a history spanning two centuries.

Haider Ali initiated the construction of this summer palace within Bangalore Fort's walls; later, his son Tipu Sultan oversaw its completion in 1791.

The Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is a two-storied structure with intricately carved wooden architecture, ornate arches, pillars, and balconies.

As you enter the Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, a captivating garden welcomes you, preluding to the more than two-century-old edifice ahead.

The palace walls feature floral patterns and motifs that showcase the skilled craftsmanship of artisans from the past.

The lower floor of the palace encompasses a grand courtyard, chambers, and rooms meant for relaxation and recreation.

The upper floor contains Tipu Sultan's private quarters and areas for close associates, adorned with colourful frescoes and paintings.

The palace complex houses an impressive museum with an extensive collection of artefacts, weaponry, coins, and paintings from Tipu Sultan's era.

The Tipu Sultan Summer Palace is open to visitors from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm. The entry fee is 20/- for Indian citizens and 200/- for foreign citizens.