Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall: The Cubbon Park Library

Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall
Amidst the lush greenery of Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park stands the magnificent Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, also known as the State ...
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Shri Lakshmi Venkataramana Swami Temple Gokulam Mysore

Shri Lakshmi Venkatarama Temple Gokulam Mysore
Introduction to the Shri Lakshmi Venkataramana Swami Temple I recently visited the Shri Lakshmi Venkataramana Swami Temple in the peaceful ...
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Exploring the Spiritual Haven of Chamundeshwari Temple atop Chamundi Hills

Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore - Entrance
As a spiritual seeker, I have always been fascinated by the stories of pilgrimage sites and their significance in different ...
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Vidhana Soudha – A Brief History

Vidhana Soudha
Over the years, Vidhana Soudha has become an iconic symbol of Karnataka’s democratic governance and architectural grandeur. It attracts numerous ...
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Abirami Residency Pondicherry – The Budget Hotel

Abirami Residency Pondicherry
The Abirami Residency at Pondicherry is a budget hotel you can rely on while exploring Pondicherry city. This property is ...
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Dhakshina Thirupathi Hosur for a Quick Darshan

Dhakshina Thirupathi Temple
The people who visited Dhakshina Thirupathi at Hosur have always conveyed positive experiences. They come here to pray, explore, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the temple surroundings. The beautiful view of the Ponnaiyar river and the greeneries surrounding it are something one should not miss here.
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Arulmigu Dhakshinakashi Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri

Dakshinakasi Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri
Arulmigu Dhaksninakashi Kalabairavar (Kalabairava) Temple is a famous temple in Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu). This Kalabairava Temple is one of its ...
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Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple – A Powerful Temple in Hosur

Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple Hosur
The Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple at Hosur (Tamil Nadu) is an ancient Shiva Temple located at the top of the hill. Devotees ...
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Smashana Kali Temple Ulsoor Burial Ground Bengaluru

Ulsoor Burial Ground
The Smashana Kali Temple at Lakshmipuram / Ulsoor Burial Ground is an interesting place to explore at the heart of ...
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Bhoominathar Temple for Land Related Problems

Bhoominathar Temple Manachanallur
Every devotee I saw at the Bhoominathar Temple (Manachanallur) was carrying a handful of soil packed in yellow cloth. They ...
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