Bangalore Fort – The Historical Landmark of Bengaluru

If you’re ever in Bengaluru and looking for a historical site to explore, you should check out Bangalore Fort! The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) manages this heritage site near the busy Krishnaraja Market in the city center. Admission is free, but you must pay for parking at the Victoria Hospital complex.

Bangalore Fort History

The Fort was initially constructed by Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bengaluru, in the 16th century as a defensive structure to protect the new city. Over time, the Fort underwent several renovations and expansions under different rulers.

Fort Bangalore

Chikadeva Raya Wodeyar expanded the Bangalore Fort between 1673 AD – 1704 AD.

In 1761, Hyder Ali reinforced the Fort with stones to strengthen it. Hyder Ali’s son Tipu Sultan further modified the fortress with impressive gates, imposing walls, and bastions, using it as his summer residence and for strategic military purposes.

Lord Ganesha Temple inside the Bangalore Fort

Ganesha Temple Bangalore Fort

According to Lt. Col Standes in his book “The Military Engineer in India, Vol-1”, – the Fort at Bangalore had a perimeter of about one mile.

It was surrounded by a solid masonry wall, a wide ditch, and 26 towers placed at intervals along the ramparts (a defensive wall).

The pettah, located to the north, was several miles in circumference and protected by an indifferent rampart, a deep belt of thorn and cactus, and a small ditch. Bangalore was not a place that invited attack.

Bangalore Fort Today

Inside Bangalore Fort

Today, all that remains of the Fort are the Delhi Gate and remnants of two bastions. The British dismantled the Fort after they captured it in 1791, and the process continued until the 1930s.

Ramparts and walls were replaced with roads, while arsenals, barracks, and other old buildings quickly made way for colleges, schools, bus stands, and hospitals.

Bangalore Fort Front Door

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  1. Moving to Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, the Bangalore Fort stands as an emblem of the city’s historical evolution. Initially constructed by Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bangalore, in the 16th century, the fort underwent significant modifications under the reign of Hyder Ali and later his son, Tipu Sultan, during the 18th century. The historical significance of Bangalore Fort is deeply intertwined with the Anglo-Mysore Wars, where it played a central role in the conflict between the British East India Company and the Kingdom of Mysore. The fort, strategically located in the heart of the city, witnessed numerous battles and changes in possession between the opposing forces.

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