Arulmigu Dhakshinakashi Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri

Arulmigu Dhaksninakashi Kalabairavar (Kalabairava) Temple is a famous temple in Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu). This Kalabairava Temple is one of its kind in southern India. Devotees from neighboring states and even abroad visit this temple in large numbers to seek blessings.

Kalabairava, a powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva

Lord Kalabairava is a popular deity in India, Nepal, Tibet, and Srilanka. The name is spelled and pronounced differently in different languages. For instance, Kalabairava or Kalabairavar are all the same.

It is interesting to know that Kalabairava is a powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva. Bhairava means fearsome form or one who destroys fear. Kalabairava is a powerful god that creates, sustains, and dissolves three stages of life. He protects his devotees from enemies, greed, lust, and anger.

Dharmapuri temple priest explains

Kalabairava Temple Entrance

In one of the interviews, the Kalabairava temple priest states that this temple is one of its kind in Southern India. A temple solely dedicated to Lord Kalabairava, and you will find statues of no other God. Usually, the Hindu temples will have a place dedicated to several gods, which is not in this case.

There is an interesting story behind this temple. About 12 centuries ago, King Adhiyaman, who ruled Adhiyaman Kotai, was suffering from war losses. And he could win subsequent battles after he constructed the Kalabairava Temple at Dharmapuri.

Interestingly, you will find only two temples with Lord Kalabairava in the central place. One is in Kashi, and another is at Adhiyaman Kotai, Dharmapuri district.

Many devotees gather at this temple during the Rahu Kal to offer their prayers to Lord Kalabairavar. There is a belief that one who prays at this temple during the Rahu Kal will have their wishes fulfilled.

Even though the temple is open during regular hours, the Rahu Kal is an auspicious time to perform the rituals here. And so, you will find a large crowd during the special hours.

The temple priest suggests it will be beneficial if one visits this stemple on 18 Sundays and prays during Rahu Kal. Suppose one faces marriage, children, black magic, education, business related issues. In that case, they must come here and light the lamp during the Rahu Kal.

Pumpkin Lamp Coconut Lamp

Bengaluru to Dharmapuri Kalabairavar Temple

We were traveling from Bengaluru, and as per our plan, we visited the Chandrachoodeshwar Temple at Hosur and then headed to the Kalabairavar temple at Dharmapuri.

Unfortunately, we didn’t keep a tab on timings and reached the temple 8 minutes late, and we missed the darshan. The temple door closes at 12.00 pm and opens again at 4.00 pm.

However, the temple complex is open all day for the devotees. We bought some pumpkin and coconut lamps and lit them on the temple premises.

Kalabairavar Temple Complex

At the temple premises, we saw many statues and engraves of dogs. It is interesting to know that Lord Kalabairava had a dog as a vahan (vehicle).

Kalabairava Vahan Dog

Rudraksh Decoration

Rudraksh Decoration Kalabairava Temple

Since the Kalabairavar Temple was closed during our first visit, we revisited the temple after two weeks while we did Navagraha Tour. I was able to capture more photographs with my Vivo smartphone.

If you plan to visit this temple, ensure to be here before noon or after 4 pm. If you are traveling long distances, you can consider staying at Dharmapuri. Trip Adviser can help you with the budget hotels list and some interesting places to explore.

Temple Timings

The best time to visit Arulmigu Dhakshinakasi Kalabairavar temple at Dharmapuri is from 7 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm.  

How to reach Kalabairava Temple?

The Kalabairava Temple is in Adhiyaman Kotai, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu (South India). This temple is about 150 km from Bengaluru (Karnataka) and 59 km from Salem (Tamil Nadu). The best way to reach this temple is using Google Maps.

What’s Nearby?

You can plan to visit two interesting places: 1) Theerthamalai and 2) Hogenakkal Water Falls. If you plan a day trip from Bengaluru, you can consider exploring these places.

I am exploring more temples in southern India, so please consider revisiting this blog. Do you have an exciting place to suggest? Please comment below.

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