Dhakshina Thirupathi Hosur for a Quick Darshan

Dhakshina Thirupathi is a temple at Hosur (Tamil Nadu) dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. It’s a hill temple, small and modern in structure. This temple is perfect for a quick darshan and can make a good day trip from Bengaluru.

Dhakshina Thirupathi Hosur

Dhakshin Thirupathi

The Dhakshina Thirupathi temple is about 60 km from Bengaluru. It’s a small temple with a modern-looking structure. However, according to the priest, the statue of Lord Venkateshwara inside the temple has formed by itself, and they call it “Udhbava Murthy,” which is as old as seven centuries.

Pray, Explore & Enjoy Sceneries

Dhakshina Thirupathi Engraves

The people who visited Dhakshina Thirupathi at Hosur have always conveyed positive experiences. They come here to pray, explore, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the temple surroundings. The beautiful view of the Ponnaiyar river and the greeneries surrounding it are something one should not miss here.

Our Experience at Dakshina Thirupathi

View from Dhakshina Thirupathi

We ascended the hill quickly, and after reaching the temple, we realized how big the mountain was when we glanced down.

It was a Saturday evening, and there wasn’t much crowd as we expected. However, there was a decent inflow of visitors to keep the temple priest busy.

Inside the temple, the statue of Lord Venkateshwara looked almost similar to the one in Thirupathi.

The temple location is so beautiful and serene that I stayed there longer than I thought I would. The scenic view of the river, bridge, greeneries, and cultivated lands was mesmerizing.

We spent more time gazing down and wishing we could go down there.

There are many good things about this location. The first thing is the crowd, and there isn’t much. Second, there’s ample space. The visitors can take a stroll as much as they want.

You will find generous space for parking with beautifully laid tiles. There are no street hawkers or alms seekers, but you may find them when there is a large crowd at the temple.

While I don’t suggest photography inside the temple, you can take as many photographs as you want outside. It’s a suitable place for landscape photography enthusiasts.

Temple Statue

I captured all the photographs in this blog post with my Vivo smartphone.

Temple Timings

8.00 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 7 pm

On Saturdays and special days, the temple will open at 7.30 am and may remain open all day.

How to reach Dhakshina Thirupathi

It is not difficult to reach Dhakshina Thirupathi at Hosur. The hill temple is towards the right when you travel from Hosur to Krishnagiri. However, it is best to use Google maps to reach the temple in time.

Nearby Places to Explore

If you plan a day trip from Bengaluru or even Hosur, there are many temples and places to explore. During this trip, we visited Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple at Hosur and Kalabairavar Temple at Dharmapuri.

En route, there are some famous restaurants. You can explore A2b, Murugan Idly, and Thadakam Restaurant for authentic south Indian cuisine. We had our breakfast at Thadakam Restaurant, which was a good experience.

If you are traveling far, you can stay at Hosur or Bengaluru to explore these beautiful places. Trip Adviser has a good list of budget hotels in Bengaluru and Hosur.

Are you familiar with these locations? Do you know famous temples, restaurants, or any places of interest? Please comment below.

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