Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple – A Powerful Temple in Hosur

The Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple at Hosur (Tamil Nadu) is an ancient Shiva Temple located at the top of the hill. Devotees believe that silently praying at this temple will have their problems and other miseries fade away with the blessings of Lord Chandrachoodeshwarar.

Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple Hosur

Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple Hosur

Also known as Chandrachoodeshwarar Maragadhamba Temple, this temple located on the hilltop is more than 800 years old. According to Wikipedia, a Hoysala king built this temple, and later the Cholas and Vijayanagar Empire contributed immensely.

Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple in News

There are many exciting stories published about the Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple. In 2013, TV9 Kannada published a compelling documentary interviewing people who shared the miracles they experienced after visiting this temple. 

The devotees who were going through problems in their businesses, finances, marital affairs, and education overcame it after visiting this temple. According to them, one must go to the Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple and silently pray to the Lord. Everything will fall in place sooner than expected.

Bangalore to Hosur

We started from Bengaluru at about 7.30 am and took little more than 1.5 hours to reach this temple at Hosur. Well, this temple is about 50 km from Bangalore (Kammanahalli). Since we started early in the morning, we escaped the usual Bengaluru traffic. We drove as far as Hotel Thadakam for breakfast and returned to the temple for our darshan.

Temple Experience

The temple architecture, pillars, and other structures speak for themselves. They spread positive vibes. Inside the temple, you will find other Hindu Gods and Goddesses such as Lord Ganapathi, Sri Valli Shanmugar Deviyani, Parvathi, Kalabairavar, Pancha Lingam, and so on.

Sri Kalabairavar

Sri Kalabairavar

Pancha Lingam

Pancha Lingam

Premises & Ambience

Walking around the mountain, you will appreciate the wonderful ambiance and Hosur town’s scenic view. The hill and the temple are the best places to indulge in photoshoots and selfies. I captured all the images with my Vivo Smartphone. It was an excellent day out for us.

Food and Water

Do not forget to carry food and water, especially when you travel with children and elders. The temple premises have shops selling flowers, and a pushcart sells eatables (snacks).


The priests do their duties, but some may not be informative. Try your luck by asking them about the temple’s history and importance.

Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple Timings

Morning: 06.00 am to 12.30 pm

Evening: 04.30 pm to 08.00 pm

How to Reach

Vehicles arriving to temple

The Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple is located on the right if you travel from Bengaluru. This temple is not far from the border, but you might miss this because of the divider. You got to take the service road from the highway, so it is best to rely on Google Maps to take a turn and reach the temple in time.

There are steps to the hill, but we preferred to drive to the top. The idea was to save time and explore more temples. We covered four temples in a day and traveled as far as Dharmapuri.

Other Places of Interest

Places to visit in Hosur

There is a board at the temple premises with the below list.

  • Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple (This temple)
  • Kelavarapalli Dam
  • Rajaji Memorial House
  • Athimugam
  • Denkanikottai
  • Thally Lake
  • Alyur
  • Rayakottai Fort
  • Mallachandram
  • Krishnagiri Fort
  • Government Museum
  • Kattu Veera Anjeneya Temple
  • Orappam
  • Avanthanapatti
  • Krishnagiri Dam

If you are from Bengaluru, you can cover the above places in a day or two. If you are traveling from far, Hosur has the finest hotels to stay in, which are affordable too. Trip Adviser has listed about 26 hotels, and the Hotel Hills tops the list.

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