Smashana Kali Temple Ulsoor Burial Ground Bengaluru

The Smashana Kali Temple at Lakshmipuram / Ulsoor Burial Ground is an interesting place to explore at the heart of Bengaluru city. It is a Hindu temple where a large number of people gather during Amavasya (no moon days) and on other special days to worship Goddess Kali.

The Smashana Kali Temple Bengaluru

Smashana Kali Statue

If you are planning to explore Bengaluru, add the Smashana Kali Temple to your bucket list. This temple is in the midst of a burial ground that is at the center of the city.

The temple here is dedicated to five forms of Kali (Hindu Goddess) – Mashanakali, Rudrakali, Nagamma, Dakshinakali, and Angalaparameshwari.

As you enter the burial ground’s main gate, head straight until you notice a cluster of buildings.

There is a big statue of Mashana Kali Amma. Towards the right is a small temple where the main deity is in the resting form, and here, a lady priest performs the rituals.

It is not a big temple though, the premises can hardly accommodate 15-20 people. Most of the days it is a moving crowd but on special days it can become cumbersome.

Black Thread for the leg

If you were in India, you would have noticed people wearing black thread on their legs  (men on the right leg and women on the left). Well, if you are not aware of this, a section of people in India believes that a black thread on the ankle will ward off negative energy (evil eye).

In this temple, you can have the black thread tied to your ankle by paying Rs. 20.

A large number of people visit this temple during the Amavasya (new moon) to pray and replace the black thread with the new one.

Outside the temple (near the big statue) you can witness people performing rituals with cucumber and lemon to ward off the negative energy or evil eye.

These are some interesting things that you will notice in this temple.

No restrictions

Smashana Kali Temple Bengaluru

There seems to be no restriction on who should visit this temple. Additionally, you can carry your travel camera or you can click photos with your smartphone.

Anybody can visit this temple to worship, explore, or just spend a good time.

If you intend to explore, you can visit this destination any day.  Along with this temple, you can explore other interesting places too.

Trip Advisor has curated some finest places to explore in Bengaluru and you can check out some budget hotels as well.

There is ample parking space available inside the burial ground complex but not dedicated though. Find a place to park your vehicle and take a walk towards the temple. It is going to be interesting!

Ulsoor Burial Ground

Here is the Bangalore Mirror post discussing the Smashana Kali Amman Temple at Ulsoor Burial Ground. The post discusses the temple history, priests, people involved, and temple beliefs.

I am posting more articles related to Bangalore Temples, so please stay tuned. Do you have such places in mind that you want to share? Please comment.

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