Chinese Delights at Chungs Chinese Corner, Kalyan Nagar

Chungs Chinese Corner, nestled in the heart of CMR Road, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, has stood the test of time, serving delectable Chinese cuisine to loyal patrons for over a decade. As a passionate travel and food blogger based in Bangalore’s bustling IT industry, I had the pleasure of revisiting this iconic Chinese restaurant recently.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a culinary journey through our visit to Chung’s, sharing insights about the restaurant, the ambience, our delightful Chinese dishes, and our overall experience. Plus, you’ll get a visual treat with some mouth-watering food photographs captured with my trusty iPhone 13.

Chungs Chinese Corner Ambience and Atmosphere

Chungs Chinese Corner

Stepping into Chungs Chinese Corner on a Saturday evening, I was greeted by a cosy dining hall filled with families, couples, and fellow food enthusiasts.

While not a massive restaurant, Chung’s provides an ideal setting for relaxed family dining. The attentive staff, clad in red uniforms adorned with Chung’s logo, were quick to assist and offer suggestions.

Chopsticks & Noodles

Why not savour Chinese cuisine the authentic way – with a pair of chopsticks?

We were fortunate to secure a table for four without much delay.

The dimly lit ambience added a touch of elegance to our dining experience, but it did present a challenge for food photography enthusiasts like me.

Nevertheless, the wooden furniture, soft lighting, and traditional Chinese artwork on the walls created an upscale atmosphere that I found quite appealing.

A small LED TV on the wall hinted at the restaurant’s versatility, perfect for catching live sports events. As we sat by the large window, we could watch the bustling CMR Road while enjoying our meal.

The dining hall, despite its size, was far from silent, especially on weekends. Laughter and chatter filled the air, and background music played softly in the background.

While this lively atmosphere adds to the restaurant’s charm, it might not be the place for those seeking a quiet, intimate dinner. I did notice the occasional screech of the kitchen door as the staff moved between the kitchen and dining area.

Our Orders at Chungs Chinese Corner

We opted for the Chicken Manchow Soup, Drums of Heaven, and Chicken Noodles. The total bill, including taxes, came to Rs. 730.00. Although there was a bit of a wait for our food to arrive, each dish was served with care and attention.

Chicken Manchow Soup

Chicken Manchow Soup Chungs Chinese Corner

The Chicken Manchow Soup was piping hot and packed with the familiar flavours of Chinese herbs, complemented by generous portions of paneer and chicken.

Chicken Drums of Heaven

Chicken Drums of Heaven Chungs

The highlight for me was the Drums of Heaven, featuring a unique bread-like coating that brought to mind Mangalore Buns. It was a delightful dish that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Chicken Chowmien Noodles

Chicken Noodles Chungs Chinese Corner

As for the Chicken Chowmein noodles, they were a classic affair, complete with vegetables and crispy fried chicken chunks. My only gripe was that the noodles were a tad too oily for my liking.

Chung’s Chinese Corner is worth a visit.

Deep Fried Noodles

Our dining experience at Chung’s Chinese Corner in Kalyan Nagar was satisfying overall.

If you’re in the Kalyan Nagar area of Bengaluru and looking for an affordable yet delicious Chinese dining option, Chung’s is worth a visit.

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I’ll conclude this blog post by wishing you the best of luck in your future travel adventures. Bon appétit!

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