Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry Great Food & Ambiance

The Coromandel Cafe at Pondicherry offers a unique ambiance (inside and outside), delicious food, and a good list of mocktails and cocktails. Even though this cafe is expensive for a budget traveller, it’s all worth a visit once. 

Coromandal Cafe Outdoor Seating

Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry Great Ambience Great Food

The Coromandel Cafe is so famous that it has become a part of every traveler’s itinerary to Pondicherry. This upscale cafe is at La Maison Rose, 8, Rue Romain Rolland (Romain Rollan Street). 

During the weekends and holidays, the restaurant is packed. In fact, we could not make it out to the Coromandel Cafe on our first attempt. This was when we decided to go to the nearby Le Dupleix restaurant.

Coromandel Cafe Indoor Seating

The next day, we had to start early to grab our space at the Coromandel Cafe but not without waiting. I seized the opportunity to take some photographs with my Vivo Smartphone. 

Our orders:

Pink Classic Benedict

Pink Classic Benedict

English muffin, bacon, poached eggs, signature pink hollandaise – pistachio. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

With milk bread, mozzarella cheese, pesto, and tomato grilled sandwich, salad, garlic mayo.

Chocolate Pancake Stack

Chocolate Pancake Stack

Mason & Co chocolate chunks, mascarpone banana, jaggery butter, nuts & spiced syrup.

Bread and Omelette 

Bread and Omelette

Bread & omelette with salad

All the foods we ordered at Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry were worth a try. We had an incredible food experience in the most beautiful ambiance. 

Trip Advisor has a good collection of photographs

Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry

Trip Advisor has a good collection of Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry restaurant photographs (food and interiors). You will also get to read positive and negative reviews. 

What others say about Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry

I read a couple of reviews about Coromandel Cafe, and the customers have mixed reactions. 

The reviewers felt this restaurant at Pondicherry was the perfect choice for a late afternoon meal. They appreciated the decor, garden, lighting, and architecture.  

Another guest who gave 5 stars on Trip Advisor stated the food was excellent, but the menu was limited. Also, the menu keeps changing according to the seasons. 

Coromandel Cafe Entrance

Another piece of feedback published on Zomato is worth mentioning here.

“The staff was interested in standing huddled in their own conversation. We had South Indian coffee, cappuccino, garlic bread, and crispy prawns. The South Indian coffee was average, but the cappuccino was good. We liked the crispy prawns, but the dip could have been better. The garlic bread not only lacked garlic but was also under-toasted.”

Now you got a hint about what to order at Coromandel Cafe Pondicherry. 

Coromandel Cafe alternatives

The Coromandel Cafe is on the itinerary of almost every tourist to Pondicherry, so the restaurant is always full, and the waiting time is more. 

Not to worry, there are more French-styled restaurants on the block. You can try Le Dupleix, where we had a great food experience, or explore Trip Advisor for similar restaurants in Pondicherry.   

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