Le Dupleix Pondicherry – Dining at Heritage Hotel

At Pondicherry, head to Le Dupleix Hotel to try the best continental cuisine in an ambiance you will remember forever. This property is not a regular hotel but a heritage building with an exciting story.

Le Dupleix Pondicherry – Dining at Heritage Hotel

La Dupleix Outside Dining

This beautiful building is near the rock beach in Caserne Street, Pondicherry. We tried some continental and Indian cuisine at this heritage hotel, and our food experience was terrific.

In this post, you will explore the food photographs we captured at Le Dupleix.

Our orders at Le Dupleix

Continental Seafood Platter (Grilled)

Le Dupleix Seafood Platter

Squid, Prawns, Lobster, Red Saper Fish, Bread, and some herbs.

Continental De Foulet

Le Dupleix Continental De Foulet

Chicken thigh (baked) with peppery sauce, mashed potato, boiled carrots, Brocolli, etc.

Spice it up

Spice it up

Tropical Twist

La Dupleix Tropical Twist

Even though the food was expensive, it’s all worth trying once. We had a fantastic food experience and a pleasant time at the hotel.

Le Dupleix has garnered a good review

Le Dupleix Dining

Le Dupleix Hotel has garnered good ratings, and those who visited this property loved the food and restaurant ambiance.

One review about Le Dupleix on Google caught my attention. A tour organizer had reserved the entire property for about 13 members. On behalf of all the guests, he commented, “We were in the lap of luxury and history with the best hospitality.” The staff was courteous and accommodating towards all our out-of-the-box requests. 

Hotel named after Le Dupleix

Le Dupleix Hotel was once the residence of the last French Mayor of Pondicherry, which is now converted into a beautiful heritage boutique hotel where every room is unique. This heritage building is located in the heart of the French Quarters. The quiet and cozy ambiance will give you much-needed relaxation.

Le Dupleix Exterior

You may wish to read a bit of history about this property from the hotel website.

Other Options

The food here is quite expensive, and so are the hotel rooms. The best way is to check Trip Advisor or explore the  French town by renting a motorcycle. There are other alternatives, but the experience will undoubtedly differ.

Nearby Places

The  Le Dupleix Hotel is near Rock Beach and Sri Aurobindo Ashram. You can also try another popular restaurant, “Coromandel Cost,” popular among locals and travelers.

If you are familiar with Pondicherry, please suggest some interesting places to explore or some good food joints. Please comment below.

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