Palani Hill Temple – The Rope Car Experience

It’s an amazing experience traveling in a rope car, especially at the Palani Hill Temple. As you ascend, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful view of the town below.

View from Rope Car Palani HIll

Palani Hill Temple – The Most Beautiful Experience

If you are planning for a Tamil Nadu tour, consider adding Palani Hill Temple to your itinerary. It is one of the most popular hill temples in the state and the most beautiful place to explore.

Atop Palani Hill is the temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. Millions of devotees visit this temple every year.

As you reach Palani, you can choose to climb the stairs and opt for a rope car, or a winch car. We reached the Palani Temple (Summit) on a rope car, and it was a wonderful experience. The scenic view from the rope car was amazing.

Rope Car Palani Hill

While you travel on the rope car, you may be not allowed to carry cameras (you got to keep it in your bag), and they don’t restrict smartphone photography. I was able to capture some amazing phones with my Vivo V20 smartphone. 

Those sitting in the rope car for the first time may become overwhelmed. There are guards to check for any untoward actions so be careful.

When to go to Palani Hills?

Palani Temple

You can visit the Palani Hills any time of the year, but the temple is too crowded on special days, government holidays, and weekends. I suggest you do research and plan your travel accordingly.

Fortunately, we visited Palani during the weekdays, and we escaped the crowd.

Additionally, we managed to obtain special approval to skip the line. We had to do this because we were running out of time. Fortunately, the crowd wasn’t much there. The approval letter allowed us to spend time in the sanctum sanctorum for a while and it was all worth it.

Free Lunch at Palani Hills

Free Lunch Palani Hill Temple

The devotees love to have a free lunch at Palani Temple. If you plan to have free lunch at Palani temple, you have to endure the waiting time. It again depends upon when you visit the temple. If there is less crowd, you get to hit the table soon. The dining hall was big enough to accommodate several hundred guests and it was clean too.

You can also volunteer to serve at the dining if you wish.

Sight Seeing at the base

Tonga Palani Hill

At the base of the temple, you can take a walk surrounding the hill. Buy a souvenir if you find one that fits your shopping basket. You can also consider taking a Tonga ride, it’s fun.

I hope you liked the photographs in this post. Stick to my blog, there’s a lot to explore.

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