Rajasthani Paratha Point VV Puram Bangalore

Rajasthani Paratha Point in VV Puram Eat Street (Bengaluru) is a small eatery that sells varieties of parathas at affordable prices.

Rajasthani Paratha Point

On a Friday morning, I stumbled upon this tiny restaurant at V.V. Puram Bengaluru where I could savor delicious Aloo Cheese Paratha and Bajra Roti.

Rajasthani Paratha Point VV Puram

We planned to buy bakery items from VB Bakery at VV Puram. Since we missed our breakfast, we thought why not explore the eat street nearby?

So we came across this little Rajasthani Paratha Point with customers already waiting for the order.

I noticed the kitchen (partition) was big but hardly any place for the customers to sit. I guess it was supposed to be a takeaway restaurant but allowed customers to stand and eat there.

The restaurant looked crowded with just 5-6 people waiting for their orders. There are two tables outside where one can stand and eat. During rush hour, it is going to be a challenging task.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha Rajasthani Style

We ordered Aloo Paratha, Aloo Cheese Paratha, and Bajra Roti. While it took about 10 minutes for the Aloo Paratha, we had to wait for an extended time for the Bajra Roti.

Aloo Cheese Paratha

Aloo Cheese Paratha

The Aloo Paratha and Aloo Cheese Paratha came with pudina chutney, pickle, and curd. When you come here, you got to try both. However, I would prefer plain Aloo Paratha when I return to this Rajasthani eatery again.

Bajra Roti

Bajra Roti

Bajra Roti came with sambar, pudina chutney, and pickle and it was worth trying. Bajra in English is known as pearl millet, and it is the healthiest food.

Overall I appreciate the quality and taste of the food. The food price is also affordable, and I would certainly recommend this little Rajasthani eatery to others.

Rajasthani Parotha Menu

Rajasthani Paratha Point Menu

How to reach

With the help of Google Maps, you can reach this destination easily. It is best to go there in a two-wheeler as parking is easy. However, if you happen to go by car, try to find parking near Sajjan Rao circle which is a short walk from this place.

This restaurant is on V.V. Puram Food Street a popular joint for varieties of food. All you must do is take a walk and you get a plethora of food options. Also, do not miss the popular VB Bakery. It is just a few yards away if in case you love bakery items.

Now you know where to head to if you want to eat Bajra Roti. Yes, the Rajasthani Paratha Point can be the best bet. I am sure there are more such places in Bengaluru! If you know one, please comment below.

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