AM Grandd Trichy (Oyo 66998 AM Grandd), my first and last

The Oyo app showed a significant discount while booking the room at AM Grandd Trichy. We saw the photographs. The rooms looked great, and the beds were clean and tidy in the pictures published on the App. We booked the room at Rs. 1500/-.

AM Grandd Trichy (Oyo 66998 AM Grandd), my first and last

My experience with Oyo App was good until I booked a room at a lodge in Trichy. The photographs of the rooms, beds, and furniture published in the Oyo App were misleading. When we arrived at the “66998 AM Grandd Lodge,” it was a disappointment right from when we started searching for a parking space.

Booked room via Oyo App at AM Grandd Trichy

We drove from Bengaluru on a 3-day Navagraha Temple tour and planned to halt in Trichy and Kumbakonam. We booked our room in AM Grandd at Trichy via Oyo App and Hotel Thangavilas Inn at Kumbakonam via MakeMyTrip.

As we were making this trip on a tight budget, we decided to reduce our stay expenses as much as possible. We were looking for a decent space with a comfortable bed, clean toilets, etc. All we needed was a place to sleep in the night and freshen up.

No parking facility at AM Grandd Trichy

AM Grandd Trichy

We arrived at the property at about 10:00 pm. Thanks to Google maps, we could reach the AM Grandd Lodge without being lost. I assume the property was there before the underpass and the bridge existed. Today, the AM Grandd faces a narrow road next to the underpass bridge that can block the traffic if too many guests arrive by car.

I enquired security about the parking, and the reply was negative.

The security advised me to wait until the shop closed so I could park the vehicle in front of the shop in the same building.

However, I had to move the car when the shop opened for business the next day.

AM Grandd Staff were friendly

The main door of the AM Grandd leads to the stairway, which in turn leads to the reception. We didn’t face any problem communicating with the staff while checking in. They showed us the room with a double bed, air conditioner, wardrobe, table, and chair.

Dust was evident on the corners

AM Grandd Rooms

Our stay at GM Grandd Trichy was uncomfortable as the beds were too springy. I was skeptical about the cleanliness of the bedspread. Dust was evident on the corners of the room and in the toilet. I also captured a cockroach with my Vivo smartphone.

Cockroach on wall

Well, not everything at AM Grandd was terrible. The reception area was big enough to accommodate the guests. The staff was welcoming and helpful. There was no kitchen, so we depended on them to get food from nearby restaurants.

Always check Google reviews

If you are traveling to Trichy, you can book your rooms on Oyo but don’t go by the photographs or reviews. The best thing you can do is check the reviews on Google and other booking Apps such as Trip Adviser or MakeMyTrip. Most of the reviews I see in the Oyo app seem fake.

Our inconveniences at AM Grand did not spoil our enthusiasm to travel further. We woke up at 5 am and started our journey. Our first destination for the day was Poondi Madha Basilica, a Catholic pilgrimage center close to Trichy.

If you are traveling to Trichy, consider exploring the Bhoominathar temple, which is quite interesting.

Here ends our Oyo app booking experience. Do you have a suggestion or experience that you wish to share? Please comment below.

Photo Credits: Kumar Sarav, Vivo Smartphone.

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