Bhoominathar Temple for Land Related Problems

Every devotee I saw at the Bhoominathar Temple (Manachanallur) was carrying a handful of soil packed in yellow cloth. They have come to the temple to seek the blessings of the Lord Bhoominathar. The belief is that the lord will bless them with success and that any obstacles they face will just vanish. They go back relieved because their belief has become stronger now.

Bhoominathar Temple Manachanallur

The Bhoominathar temple at Manachanallur is popular, especially, among the devotees who are facing property (land) related issues. Whether they are facing court cases, financial problems, litigation, or any kind of obstacle. Things will get better when they pray in this temple.

During my visit to the temple, I saw devotees bring in the soil from their land to perform a ritual here. It looked like almost all of them were facing some or other problems concerning their land.

Inside Bhoominathar Temple

In one of the interviews with the media, the temple priest, Manikanda Gurukul, says that Lord Bhoominathar will eradicate 16 types of property-related issues.

For example, if the devotee owns the land and facing any legal issues, vasthu-related issues, or any kind of hurdles to developing it, they get salvation in this temple.

All they have to do is carry three handfuls of soil to this temple, one each for Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and pray in this temple to ward off the negative energies. There is a ritual that has to be performed and the temple priest will guide on how to do it.

Having said that, if a person visits this temple to usurp the land of others, then he will not succeed.

That’s interesting!

It’s a belief

Some people opine that the trend of visiting this temple at Manachanallur to sort out land-related problems is relatively new. The devotees should be cautious while making donations in the name of such rituals.

On the other hand, one need not necessarily face land-related issues to visit the Bhoominathar temple. Anyone can visit this temple and pray for their spiritual benefit.

Who built Bhoominathar Temple?

Bhoominathar Temple Manachanallur

As I stated in the introduction, this temple is also called “Thirumathi Pappammal Kattiya Boominathar Koil” which means Thirumathi Pappamal built this temple at Manachanallur.

One of the Google reviews states that Thirumathi Pappammal and her brother Seeman Kuchithapatham Pillai built this temple in 1870 as there were no temples in this location. There is more story behind the construction of this temple and you can find it on the internet.

You can try your luck or just casually visit this temple. All you have to do is search for Bhoominathar temple and the Google map will lead you to the destination.

Visit Srirangam

Since this temple is in the Thiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu, you get an opportunity to explore other nearby temples. Consider visiting the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple, a legendary temple that is spread over an area of 155 acres.

Do you know a temple with such belief? Please comment below.

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