Junior Kuppanna Shoolagiri Highway Restaurant

We were going to Trichy from Bengaluru when we stopped at Junior Kuppana Shoolagiri restaurant to check out their mutton biryani. It was 2 pm, and the chicken and mutton biryani were unavailable. So we had to settle down with what was available at the restaurant.

Read on to know what we ordered at Jr Kuppanna and what others say about this restaurant.

Junior Kuppanna specializes (Hosur-Krishnagiri HW)

Jr Kuppanna Restaurant

Junior Kuppanna is a famous non-vegetarian restaurant brand in Tamil Nadu specializing in Kongu cuisine. They have branches in several cities of Tamil Nadu. They have a branch in Thirupathi, Bengaluru, Singapore, and the Netherlands, as published on their website.

We visited the Jr Kuppanna Shoolagiri restaurant in Krishnagiri district, about 66 km from Bengaluru and 28 km from Hosur.

Jr Kuppanna dining experience

Junior Kuppanna Dining

When driving between Hosur and Krishnagiri, it is not hard to notice the  Jr. Kuppanna signboard. This restaurant is in Dhiviyam Square Food Court, which houses several commercial establishments. The Junior Kuppanna restaurant is on the first floor of the building.

As you enter the building, you will see a whiteboard with the “days special” written on it. You get to plan what to order. They also provide a menu list at the table, and most of the listed items are subject to availability.

The dining hall is big enough to engage the crowd (if any) during the peak hours.

Even though it was 2 pm, the hall was almost empty, probably because it was a weekday.

We usually look out for their signature dishes when we go to a famous restaurant. So we ordered chicken and mutton biryani, but surprisingly it wasn’t available. I guess they are preparing in limited quantities so as not to waste food.

We had to settle with just Biryani rice, and luckily the waiter could spare us half a plate of chicken biryani. However, there were other items available that they prepared after taking the orders. Our orders were:

Jr Kuppanna Chicken Biryani

Kuppanna Biryani Rice

As you see in the picture, Jr Kuppanna uses “small rice,” and I guess it’s bullet rice, to prepare their signature biryani. The Biryani was aromatic, perfectly cooked with their secret ingredients and methods.

Kudal Fry

Kuppanna Kudal Fry

Kudal fry (goat intestine fry) is not an easy food to prepare at home. The Kudal Fry at Jr. Kuppanna’s is worth trying if you haven’t had one before.

Mutton Chukka

Mutton Chukka

Tender mutton, the right amount of herbs and spices, and cooked to perfection is how I will describe Mutton Chukka at Junion Kuppanna at Shoolagir. 

Mutton Pallipalayam

The Mutton Pallipalayam is about shallots, dry chilies, and lots of coconut bits. It’s good to try once.

Kerala Parotta

Jr Kuppanna Parotta

Kerala Parotta, or just “Parotta,” is the most consumed food in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. You got to try this if you have not tried this before.

Customer review about Junior Kuppanna restaurant

Junior Kuppanna is a famous restaurant brand in Tamil Nadu with branches in neighboring states and abroad. However, this Shoolagiri branch has garnered mixed reviews among customers.

While some customers were happy with the food, they were unsatisfied with its high pricing. While some appreciated the ambiance, they found the restroom to be stinking.

One reviewer opined that the Coimbatore Jr Kuppanna is much better than the one in Shoolagiri. Well, that’s about a different branch in another city.

Should you consider Jr Kuppanna restaurant?

After reading the customer reviews about Junior Kuappanna Shoolagiri restaurant, two things come to my mind. 1) Pricing and 2) Cleanliness. While I don’t want to comment on the pricing, the restaurant should give more emphasis on cleanliness. They should have the restaurant toilets cleaned frequently.

Clean toilets will also attract more customers.

If traveling near Krishnagiri, you may consider visiting Junior Kuppanna Shoolagiri restaurant. If not, check out the alternate options.

Other options

I found the Star Biryani restaurant near Salem worth visiting. Suppose you do not want to go so far. In that case, you can try Thadakam, which has vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. I also found Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant at Krishnagiri perfect for a vegetarian treat.

Nearby Places

If you plan a day trip from Bengaluru, you can consider exploring the temples at Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri. You can also consider staying at Hosur or Krishnagiri if traveling from far. TripAdvisor has an excellent list of budget hotels.

Do you want to suggest a good restaurant on Hosur – Krishnagiri highway? Are you familiar with this part of the world? Mention them in the comment box below.

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