Krishnagiri Sri Saravana Bhavan Restaurant

The Krishnagiri Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants on the Bangalore – Salem highway. Thanks to the restaurant’s popularity and its loyal customer base. This restaurant has become so popular that you will find several imitations on the road.

Its Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant

Krishnagiri Sri Saravana Bhavan

The Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant at Krishnagiri is a vegetarian restaurant serving authentic Tamil Nadu-style dishes.

Apart from the usual Idly, Vada, Dosa, and other south Indian foods, they dish out incredible Chinese items such as noodles and fried rice with an Indian touch.

This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.

If you are planning to visit this restaurant, look for Sri Saravana Bhavan at Avathanapatti, Krishnagiri.

Others opinion about Sri Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan Menu

I am regular to the Krishnagiri Saravana Bhavan. Every time I came here, I saw the restaurant almost packed.

Most people have conveyed positive experiences, with very few unhappy with the service and cleanliness.

The customers loved the food’s taste, quality, and service. Most importantly, Sri Saravana Bhavan is a vegetarian restaurant, and those who are pure vegetarians would love it.

However, this restaurant has not escaped negative feedback. I came across one or two reviews where customers complained about cleanliness and service.

Krishnagiri Saravana Bhavan Dining

Since the restaurant is crowded most of the time, especially during lunch hours, the customer may experience delayed service and cleanliness issues. However, I did not encounter these issues though.

Our Orders at Sri Saravana Bhavan

We ordered Mushroom Fried Rice, Kerala Parota, Chettinadu Baby Corn Fry, and a coffee. The food was incredible.

Mushroom Fried Rice

Mushroom Fried Rice

Kerala Parota

Kerala Parota Saravana Bhavan

Chettinadu Baby Corn Fry

Chettinad Baby Corn Fry

I captured these photographs with my Vivo Smartphone (V20).

How did I stumble upon this restaurant

I am a regular traveler on the Bangalore, Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Salem routes. After seeing several vehicles parked outside this restaurant, I thought to try it.

If you plan a day trip from Bengaluru, there is much to explore on this route. If you are going to Krishnagiri, you may check out the Sri Saravana Bhavan restaurant for a vegetarian treat.

You will see many restaurants with similar names and imitations. This Sri Saravana Bhavan is in Avathanapatti, Krishnagiri.

Alternate Options

The Bangalore-Salem highway has many restaurant options. There is A2B, Murugan Idly, and Thadakam.

If you start early morning from Bengaluru, consider visiting Thadakam restaurant with veg and non-veg options. There’s a lake next to the Thadakam restaurant, making an excellent background for your selfies.

Nearby Places

There is much to explore on the Salem-Bangalore road. Those on a temple tour will be thrilled, as several temples are en route.

You can visit the Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple (Hosur), Dhakshina Thirupathi (Hosur), and Dhakshina Kashi Kalabairavar Temple at Dharmapuri.

Suppose you are traveling from far. It can be economical to stay at Hosur and explore, or you can consider Bangalore a great place to start.

TripAdvisor has a great list of budget hotels in Bangalore and Hosur.

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