Exploring Culinary Delights at Amma Mess in Madurai

Are you craving an unforgettable non-vegetarian culinary experience in Madurai? Look no further than Amma Mess, a legendary restaurant that has been satisfying taste buds for three decades. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through our visit to Amma Mess in Madurai, complete with enticing food photographs and insights from fellow diners.

Discovering Amma Mess in Madurai

Amma Mess in Madurai has earned its reputation as a must-visit non-vegetarian haven. As you step inside, you’ll notice the walls adorned with photographs of celebrities dining alongside the owner, a testament to its popularity.

Amma Mess Owner
Amma Mess Owner with Super Star Rajnikanth

Our own encounter with Amma Mess was serendipitous, thanks to the wonders of the internet and social media. It’s no surprise that Amma Mess consistently ranks as a top restaurant in Madurai. A few years ago, the newer branch in KK Nagar gained additional fame when it was featured on the History TV18 YouTube channel, explored by Mayur and Rocky.

Mayur & Rocky exploring Amma Mess in Madurai (New branch)

During our family trip to Madurai, Amma Mess was a non-negotiable stop on our itinerary. Google Maps directed us to the older, cozier branch, which, despite its smaller size, was bustling with patrons and staff. Lucky for us, the timing was perfect, and we didn’t have to wait for a table.

A Feast to Remember

Our culinary adventure at Amma Mess, while not as extensive as Mayur and Rocky’s, left us with delightful memories. It’s important to note that Amma Mess predominantly caters to non-vegetarian aficionados. While vegetarians can find something to enjoy, the options are limited. We sampled some of the restaurant’s signature dishes:

Mutton Biryani Amma Mess
Mutton Biryani Amma Mess
Kola Urunday (Mutton Keema Balls)
Kola Urunday (Mutton Keema Balls)
Mutton Chukka Amma Mess
Mutton Chukka Amma Mess
  • Mutton and Chicken Biryani
  • Mutton Chukka
  • Kola Urundai (Mutton Keema Balls)
  • Fish Fry
  • Fish Curry

Each dish was a burst of flavors, but I must insist that you try the Mutton or Chicken Biryani and the Kola Urundai (Mutton Keema Balls) for an authentic experience.

Bang for Your Buck

The prices at Amma Mess are reasonable, considering the quality, quantity, and taste they offer. If you haven’t already, Amma Mess is a culinary adventure that’s worth your time and taste buds.

While Rocky and Mayur had an undoubtedly great experience at the new branch, I was curious about the opinions of other diners. Here’s a summary of customer reviews from Google:

Amma Mess Madurai Positive Reviews

Customers who left positive reviews found Amma Mess to offer decent food with quick service. It’s regarded as a solid choice for non-vegetarian fare, with recommendations for dishes like mutton biryani, mutton liver, rib chops, and kola urundai. However, some thought the fish fry was average.

Amma Mess Madurai Negative Reviews

Not everyone was impressed with Amma Mess. Some found the restaurant to be overrated, despite the good taste. A few criticized unprofessional behavior from waitstaff, including demanding tips. Parking issues also cropped up as a concern.

My Experience at Amma Mess in Madurai

As a travel and food blogger, I encourage first-time visitors to give Amma Mess a try. However, I did encounter a minor hiccup during my visit – my chicken biryani had a piece of mutton in it. Whether that’s a complaint or appreciation depends on your perspective, considering mutton is more expensive than chicken. The waitstaff’s insistence on tips is indeed a real issue.

If you’re seeking alternatives to Amma Mess, consider Chandran Mess, situated opposite to Amma Mess, which offers a similar cuisine. Reviews suggest their biryani is decent while other dishes shine. Another option is Thangam Grand Restaurant, located at Thangam Grand Hotel, known for its pleasant ambiance and delectable dishes.

In Conclusion

I hope your visit to Amma Mess in Madurai is as delightful as ours. Madurai, the temple town, has much more to offer, from the iconic Meenakshi Temple to the Kalalagar Temple. For more insights into our Madurai exploration, follow the provided link to read about our experiences.

If you’ve dined at Amma Mess or have recommendations for other renowned Madurai restaurants, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Your input is valuable to fellow food enthusiasts.

For newcomers to Madurai, TripAdvisor is a helpful resource for discovering more exciting places to explore. And as a side note, all the captivating photographs in this blog post were captured using the iPhone 13. Enjoy your culinary adventures in Madurai!

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